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Fair, Honest, & Reliable Internet & Phone Services

Firefly Fiber Broadband is operated by Central Virginia Services, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Central Virginia Electric Cooperative.

Firefly Broadband uses fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) to offer affordable and reliable broadband and crystal clear phone services with no hidden fees or surprise charges. Firefly Fiber Broadband delivers the high-speed internet connection you need for the prices you want.

The Firefly Difference

Just as Central Virginia Electric Cooperative (CVEC) brought electricity to thousands of Virginians for the first time in 1937, Firefly is proud to bring fiber-to-the-home high-speed internet now to those same communities. For over 80 years, CVEC, Firefly’s parent company, has provided reliable and affordable energy to rural Virginia when no one else would. Firefly Fiber Broadband is homegrown right here in Central Virginia, with virtually all technical and support staff based locally. Most of all, Firefly is very proud to carry on CVEC's tradition of providing service that is Fair, Honest, & Reliable.

Firefly is committed to offering reliable, high-speed internet to all CVEC members at an affordable price.

Firefly Fiber Broadband is superior to all other connectivity technologies. Unlike cable, DSL, satellite, cellular, and fixed-wireless connections, Firefly's fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) internet ensures lightning fast download AND upload speeds of up to a gigabit per second.